October 19, 2010 — The Gartner Symposium, Day 3


The day began with a panel discussion for conference sponsors. I was on the panel. Not only am happy to help Gartner out with things like this, I also get a charge out of interacting with people in this manner. To me it's more fun than the one-on-ones.

The session I attended on IAM (Identity and Access Management) was very useful. As we explore ways to easier integrate the ability of our students to traverse the campus network, it is becoming more important to get a handle on a fine-grained control of access rights. This needs to be done without killing ourselves in administrative overhead, or impacting the flexibility of our students. IAM looks like a great way to spend a lot of money and possibly solve some problems.

At a technical level I have finally solved my problems with the spotty wireless at the conference. I am carrying my 3G dongle today, but really don't want to have to resort to it – it would require me booting back into Windows 7. I discovered the “Gold Member's” Lounge. As a Gold Member, I can nip into the Lounge and grab an Ethernet cable. This gives me enough bandwidth to accomplish my necessary chores – file transfers, remote access, etc. I am much relieved that I don't have to knife the penguin and can maintain my productivity. This is a great exercise in problem solving.

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