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Night Swept

The first book of the series

Nobody likes a smart aleck! Beryl and Nigel get together again in 1965, six years after their college graduation and resume their word-slinging ways. One is a country pastor and the other is president of a small Christian college. Beryl is suffering the boredom of not having enough to do in his small village church. Nigel is challenged by colorful faculty members with questionable doctrinal positions, a micromanaging board, and a property developer who wants to buy the campus out from under the school.

Beryl is persuaded to take classes in Nigel's seminary as a way to isolate some of the problems. They also enlist Beryl’s father Daryl, a wealthy real estate developer and businessman, to track down some of the irregularities in the management of the school.

Beryl's life is complicated by the need to manage both his class work and his pastorate. After being smitten by Nigel's blonde secretary, the resulting tumultuous relationship distracts everyone. Even after Daryl, Nigel and Beryl remove the board chairman, the tension rapidly builds to a series of events which threaten the lives of the three main characters.

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Storm Swept

The Second book of the series

Beryl and Nigel are at it again. Nigel is still recovering from the bullet that shattered his femur. Beryl is still recovering from the stress of a automobile accident, a failed romance, and the confrontation with two gun-wielding maniacs where Nigel got shot. Both are hoping for a return to a routine life at Mid-North College.

But their plans for a major conference on the reliability of Scripture are disrupted by faculty members who feel threatened. Their equilibrium is disturbed by a mafia don who is trying to figure out what happened to his money and property in Rockford, Illinois, where the school is located. And Beryl and Nigel are both cast into the stress of romance, each with a new girl-friend.

The penchant of the two friends for wise-cracks and jokes does not relieve the stress which rapidly builds to a crescendo. They once again learn they have to trust the Lord to pull them through this next set of adventures.

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Love Swept

The third book of the series

Best friends Beryl and Nigel are teamed up once again to face a steady stream of challenges. Their lives are being rearranged by forces bigger than themselves. Beryl learns lessons from the Lord as he struggles to deal with two very real albeit unlikely characters: a Mafioso who is curious about the gospel and a former teacher who has made a shipwreck of himself.

In the midst of gut wrenching challenges, comedy does not elude them as Beryl and Nigel become victims of a series of faux pas, some of their own making—such as a wild one-hundred mile journey the night before Beryl's wedding to retrieve the rings. And they experience, deep danger when they are confronted with a kidnapping by a renegade U. S. Attorney, who leads them on a wild chase. Through it all, Beryl and Nigel continue their habit of picking at each other and cracking jokes, to the continued eye-rolling objections of their friends and acquaintances.

If you want to read a great adventure of fallible men of God as they navigate the modern challenges of life in 1960’s Midwestern America, then this book is for you!

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The Clear Path Ahead

Does driving off a cliff metaphorically in the business world lead to the same literal event? It did for Ed Carsen. While traveling from Boston to Reno to take up a new job, Ed followed the GPS uncritically and landed in a ravine. It was not a great start to retrieving a life gone massively wrong. He had wrecked his marriage, job, and friendships, and now stranded his truck.

Ed took up the challenge to fix a badly broken business in Nevada and hoped to get enough distance to put his life back together. He discovered he could not run far enough from the Lord, or from good friends dedicated to his restoration. The space between his friend Will Winkleman and Ed's recalcitrant employees pinched ever more tightly. The arrival of the subject of his illicit affections further ratcheted up the pressure.

The exciting climax illustrates both God's judgment on sin and His loving desire for reconciliation. Ed was driven to the conclusion that God wasn't done with him.

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Consequential Actions

Consequential Actions

As a pilot for the United States Army Air Corps Ferry Command, Captain Lane Johnson is responsible for flying Boeing B-17 bombers from the factory in Renton, Washington to wherever they may be needed. Usually this involves a trip across most of the continental United States. A serious mechanical failure, compounded by a series of errors by the co-pilot nearly causes a crash, and in fact, results in the airplane being written off as unrepairable. Lane uses the opportunity to begin a witness to the co-pilot, Jack Flannigan, who was sure he was going to die during the incident.

Lane and Jack become close friends as they work hard to mold the squadron into an effective organization. The success results in a promotion for Lane, who takes over the squadron from Major Carlsen, his boss. The continued witness influences Jack, who resists the Gospel until he is caught in a thunderstorm as the pilot in command. Lane grows into maturity as an Army officer and pilot. He guides Jack's progress as a new believer. The great crisis in both their lives come as they witness the crash of a prototype B-29 bomber into a building in downtown Seattle – an actual event. The reader is taught about growing in the faith during times of stress and adversity.

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